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Amberley House was constructed in 1870 as a private residence. It was recognised then for its ornamental grounds and ‘commanding a magnificent view of land and sea’.

In 1920 the property was established as the private Amberley House Girls’ Collegiate School. At the time, consisting of 144 acres of farmland, was converted into the school by adding two stories to the original house, as well as other facilities. The rest of the land was farmed to produce vegetables and food for the student’s and their ponies. The school closed in 1942.

The property’s expansive stables were developed when a past owner set up a horse breeding operation. A well-known racehorse, ‘Sailing Home’, was bred on the property, and went on to win the Auckland Cup and the Trentham Stakes.

Amberley House Ltd has also been a nursery for forestry trees. The property was owned by the Hurunui mayor who held a number of garden parties and events many for fundraising causes or for the community. In more recent years the property was bought by Andy and Angie Mason as a family home for their seven children. They now run their sport horse breeding operation and hold weddings and garden tours at the property.

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