The Gardens

Just a 40-minute drive north of Christchurch, Amberley House is a grand and expansive country property. Tour visitors will enjoy a day in the idyllic rural grounds, with pathways to explore the gardens, extending from the house down into the valley park.
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The Garden

Amberley house was first built in 1870. It was constructed amongst established trees and with a commanding and spectacular view of land and sea.

The property includes an arboretum, with countless specimen trees and shrubs and endless walkways, glades and fairways. The area is contained in a park-like valley next to the house.

Several years were spent laying the lawns and house gardens to establish the ‘park gardens’ in the valley below the house. The extensive pond network in the valley was created before the mammoth undertaking of planting around 2500 specimen trees – a large number still bearing their nameplate at their base. The rich earth from the excavation of the ponds was used to build the raised beds and banks for planting and landscaping, creating the forms and structures seen today. The ponds are fed by natural springs, sourced from aquifers that flow down from the slopes of Mount Grey.